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First time visitors last night. AMAZING! Can’t wait to come back.

Laura Craft

I vote best little bbq & burrito joint in an orchard ! Thank you for the great lunch the other day

Nick Cannizzaro

I’ve had q from here to Memphis and this place here is where you wanna go their brisket is second to none!

Nate Thomas

Cute place! Great food! Jalapeño Bucks!

Deb Web

Amazing Pig sandwich! The brisket is amazing as well.

Jen Genovese McLean

Soooooooo yummy!! Now I’m hangry!

Erin O’Donnell Chihak

Definitely best BBQ and burritos I’ve tried everything and it’s all top notch! 

David Gardner

It’s awesome

Beau Fisher

SO good! They’re chips and salsa are BOMB!

Kelli Miller

I love that place.

Carol Wheeler Gould

Ate there for the first time today… FANTASTIC FOOD! !!!

Connie Plamann Wills Linn

Really was surprised, and pleased to find a place where I can get real good Mexican food and great BBQ

Carletta Wagner Snowden

The food is excellent.

Mike O’Meara

Excellent food. BBQ ribs on Saturday outstanding. Brisket…very good. I Ike ground pork chili burro…also. Have good clips, salsas and mango salsa very good.  ?

Norma Riggs

The best brisket I’ve had in a long time… son-in-law just catered his daughters wedding this past weekend with their food….excellent!

Jennifer Churnesky

We went there about a month ago. It was a bit windy out but, the food was good. You eat right there among the orchards. I liked that!  

Wes Gillespie

I like how you are in a calm area and by the farmer’s market it makes it so nice:) and that bomb mango salsa 

Sabrina Goodwin

? this place!

Rachael Bethany

This place is fantastic !

Dennis Martin

The best food!

Louise Kelly Mayhew

We ventured out to your place yesterday and really enjoyed the pulled pork! Thanks for the chips and salsa too… it was super fresh and delicious! Looking forward to more soon.
Kelly Vanlaningham Warrick

Great food and love the location in the groves makes a great place to gather for a chat and chew!

Beverly Petersen

I love the burritos and BBQ sandwiches at this little food stand!!!

Kimberlee Gibson

Love the food!!! You guys are awesome!!! I’m ready to go and enjoy the great food and atmosphere!!! Hell yes!!

Kenny McKee

Especially delicious!

Ginger Cipta

Love the brisket sandwich w/slaw! Best ever 

Tina Vandiver Henson

Yeah man great food

Steve VanKirk

I had some. It was really really good!

Cassie N Bret

It’s sooooo bomb!

Adam N Mel

The best place to eat on a whim too! !

Natalie Merrill Whiting