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The food is excellent. Mike O’Meara

Excellent food. BBQ ribs on Saturday outstanding. Brisket…very good. I Ike ground pork chili burro…also. Have good clips, salsas and mango salsa very good.  ? Norma Riggs

The best brisket I’ve had in a long time… son-in-law just catered his daughters wedding this past weekend with their food….excellent! Jennifer Churnesky

We went there about a month ago. It was a bit windy out but, the food was good. You eat right there among the orchards. I liked that!   Wes Gillespie

I like how you are in a calm area and by the farmer’s market it makes it so nice:) and that bomb mango salsa  Sabrina Goodwin

? this place! Rachael Bethany